Agricola I Muretti is a winery at 360° in which, every day, we deal with all stages of production, from pruning to bottling.

Making wine the way we do is a job of great satisfaction, but very challenging. We try to perform what we do with craftsmanship, and without preconceptions or "frills". We enjoy a freedom which comes from believing in and enjoying our work.

We take care of the vines to get a product of excellence. We perform an early defoliation on the plants during flowering to produce less compact and more coloured bunches. We thin the clusters during pre-veraison, to achieve a perfect balance between vegetation and production. We collect only by hand and in small boxes to ensure the best selection of grapes and to preserve integrity.

Doing this is more complicated, slow, expensive. But working this way is way more rewarding.

Crushing is performed on the roof "turf" of the winery. By gravity alone, the crushed grapes, pass into a small conical pipe and reach the fermentation tanks in the underground winery. The gravity itself is the pump to fill the oak barrels when the wine is ready to age.

Exploiting gravity means that less energy is used, being more and more “kind” in every stage of winemaking.