A microcosm where sustainability and respect for the land are fundamental values.

Agricola Muretti exists in harmony with the olive grove, fruit orchards, vegetable crops, herb garden, farmyard animals and apiaries.

This harmony is uninterrupted by the construction of the cellar, which, completely underground, does not impact the landscape maintaining the ideal temperature for winemaking. Crushing occurs over the roof of the winery and grapes fall to the underground tanks, aided by gravity alone.

Biodiversity is encouraged by minimum tillage, while remaining respectful and attentive. Among the rows, wild plants that are naturally present in soil are allowed to grow. Herbicides and pesticides are not used. Just natural copper and sulphur are used to control fungal diseases.

Our vineyard promotes life

We are situated in a part of Romagna, Conca river valley, traditionally dedicated to the production of wine, which is rooted in the rural history. The suitability of the site is promoted by a rational choice of varieties, clones and rootstocks, together with adequate planting density and yields. Rows placed on the slope are kissed by the sun, and predominantly clay soils lead to wines with high pigmentation, complex bouquet, and richness.