About us


“I was born in Rimini in 1990. I have always been fascinated by things manual and tangible, mechanisms, from being outdoors. I graduated in International Horticulture in the University of Bologna, studying for a while in Budapest and Adelaide. During my adventures in the land of kangaroos, I followed a research project about vine balance on the production of Shiraz in south-eastern Australia.

I love meeting people, I love to travel, to ride my Vespa, to eat and drink well. I am fascinated by the different aspects of agriculture. I definitely love what I do. I believe that attention in the vineyard is the key to producing great wines. I was told by a Canadian couple that what they see in Italian products is, first and foremost, a concentration of passion. I hope that the wines of Agricola can express this”


“Beatrice. I was born in Rimini in 1992, I grew up together with I Muretti. I think my first harvest was when I was four years old. Today, after a degree in communication sciences, I am going to become a sommelier.

I have seen the hard work that lies behind a wine label, as well as the fears and passion in the winemaking and, for me, these factors add to the wine tasting experience.

I love the perfection of nature. I believe strongly in the advantages of seasonal products. I like the atmosphere of places and the diversity of faces, and I am eager to travel. I love to stand barefoot”


“I was born some time ago in Rimini. I started the adventure of Muretti in 1994 with my husband, Massimo, an agronimist; a dream dreamed by two, brought to life and always changing.

The harvest still excites me, but the most beautiful aspect of my work is the hospitality: to enter on tiptoe into the lives of others, our guests, and to make it a happy moment; a toast with a wine that becomes unforgettable.”


“Oenologist. I was born in Rimini in 1977. Until I was 18 years old I did not drink wine at all, but I would say that I have made up for lost time by now. My job is my great passion, I have the chance to know new territories and get in touch with many people that share a love for wine.

I like to be respectful of each variety and the land in which the grapes are grown. Respect for the vintage and care for the details is my philosophy”